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Czech and Moravian Christmas Carols

(Published on 2015-09-02)

 Our new CD is released in the US, but will be distributed worldwide
The Navona Records, US record label, releases our new CD - Czech and Moravian Christmas Carols by Jan Jirasek. Thanks to
the Naxos Records, world's leading classical music group, the recording will be available worldwide as a classical CD and also online. Reviews available.

First review:

Those seeking such feelings on a more extended basis – and looking for some seasonal music that differs significantly from the usual – will be pleased with a new Navona CD entitled Czech and Moravian Christmas Carols. That title may make it seem as if these are traditional carols of a particular region, but not so: the 20 works here were written by Jan Jirásek (born 1955), a well-known creator of film music who has also composed in various classical forms. For these modern carols, all written in Czech, Jirásek keeps the music determinedly tonal and simple, exploring multiple emotions among the carols – but only one feeling at a time. He complements the superb voices of the JITRO Czech Children’s Chorus under Jiří Skopal with neat little instrumental touches: a bit of percussion here, a smidgen of brass there, and various electronic and toy-instrument sounds both here and there. Although there are certainly devotional elements in some of the music, the overall impression is one of playfulness: the wonderfully sweet-voiced children’s chorus is at its best in the lighter carols, the occasional solo voice emerging from the group (as in, for instance, Hey Happy Tidings) adding to what is almost the sense of a playground group bouncing about enthusiastically, barely able to contain itself while experiencing the pleasures of the season.

More reviews:

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Release Date: October 9, 2015
Record label: Navona Records
Catalog #: NV6010


Track titles:

  1)  At Midnight On Christmas Eve (Štědrýho dne o půlnoci)

  2)  Brothers I Have Heard (Bratři, já jsem slyšel)

  3)  The Famous Day Has Arrived (Den přeslavný jest k nám přišel)

  4)  I, Little One, Have Come A-Carolling (Já malý přicházím koledovat)

  5)  Glad Tidings (Nesem vám noviny)

  6)  Let Us Go To Bethlehem Together (Půjdem spolu do Betléma)

  7)  Oh, The Holy Time Of Christmas (Ó, svatá dobo vánoční)

  8)  Hey Happy Tidings (Ej, noviny převeselý)

  9)  The Sitting Farmer (Sedí pantáta)

10)  Praise The Lord Jesus Christ (Pochválen Pán Ježíš Kristus)

11)  On What God Sits (Na čem Pán Bůh sedí)

12)  One Week Before Yuletide (Před vánoci jeden tejden)

13)  Sweet Water Flowing (A teče vodička)

14)  To Bethlehem, To Little Jesus (K Ježíškovi do Betléma)

15)  Dear God Above (Milý Bože)

16)  Peace, Happiness, Good Health (Pokoj, štěstí, zdraví)

17)  Dew Is Falling (Padá rosa studená)

18)  We Welcome You, Dear Jesus (Vítej, milý Jezu Kriste)

19)  I Went A-Carolling (Šel jsem na koledu)

20)  There Was A Well-Trod Path (Byla cesta, byla ušlapaná)


Celebrate the joy and magic of Christmas with Czech composer Jan Jirásek’s debut Navona Records release CZECH AND MORAVIAN CHRISTMAS CAROLS. The composer presents a collection of original carols that highlight the spirit, peaceful contemplation, and mystery of Christmas, performed by the Czech children’s choir JITRO with accompaniments by traditional wind, percussion, and string instruments. For centuries, carols have been traditions in Czech and Moravian communities for Christmas festivities, filling the brisk evening air with melodies of peace, happiness, and good tiding. Reflecting the rich customs of the Czech and Moravian cultures, and displaying both Christian and folk influences, Jirásek offers wholesome and enduring songs that can warm our hearts and minds with the wonder and glory of the Christmas season.


NAXOS Records:

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