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Jitro Czech Children's Choir

Jitro is an award-winning choir from the Czech Republic. The choir tours regularly in many European, Asian and American countries. Jitro takes part in international music festivals and cooperates with philharmonic orchestras. Choir is a complex institution with a membership of around 450 young singers ranging between 5 and 19 years of age. MORE INFO


Japanese television chose Jitro

(Published on 2014-06-18)

Japanese television chose our interpretation of Japanese songs Hana Wa Saku

Japanese public broadcaster NHK, the largest television in the land of the rising sun, chose our recording of Japanese songs Hana Wa Saku, which was taken as part of a project to support the areas affected by the devastating tsunami in 2011. The program, which is broadcast in Japan and where Jitro is participating, will now be available in our territory because it was included in the international satellite broadcast of JSTV.

Our message to Japan people: „The last time we went to Japan was three years ago and we are currently getting ready for our next tour there. We were fascinated by the variety of your culture and also impressed by your economy's great condition. Last time we went to Japan we attended a few concerts and we got to know some of the Japanese people and their families. Because of this we were devastated by the huge disaster that struck your country. Even though we can't imagine that something like that happened to your country, we believe in the power of your people. We hope that your lives can go back to normal and hope for your country to have a full recovery soon."

Hana wa Saku in Japanese (recorded in our rehearsal room):


Link to video on YouTube:

 Extract from a letter we received from Japan:

 Thank you for your participation in “Hyakumannin no Hana wa Saku” project and ongoing support for Japan.

We would like to inform you that a program “Hyakumannin no Hana wa Saku” will be aired on JSTV, the Japanese satellite channel in Europe, Middle-east, Russia and North Africa.

The broadcast schedule is as follows:

JSTV1 June 30 Mon.  15:55~16:05 (UK) / 16:55~17:05 (CET)
JSTV1 July 1  Tue.   23:25~23:35 (UK) / 24:25~24:35 (CET)
JSTV1 July 2  Wed.  15:55~16:05 (UK) / 16:55~17:05 (CET)
JSTV1 July 3  Thu.   23:25~23:35 (UK) / 24:25~24:35 (CET)


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